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Qualification for Submission

  1. The Association members are eligible to contribute an article to the Journal. However, there should be no unpaid dues by the time the article is submitted.
  2. In case of a joint research, co-authors should include at least one Association member with no unpaid dues as well as a full membership.
  3. Graduate students in the masters course or higher can submit an article as a co-author with their advisor who is a member of the Association. In the case of exceptional issues (i.e., including overseas scholars studying domestic subjects, etc.), Editor-in-Chief of the Committee may grant qualification for submission after the deliberation of the Committee.

Responsible Authors

  1. Responsible (Primary) authors of the articles submitted to the Journal are the first author and corresponding author.
  2. In submission of an article, corresponding author should be indicated (treated as a footnote), and the author at the time of submission, in principle, shall not be changed (authors cannot be added or d). However, should there be unavoidable reasons, the contributors can change it upon the approval of the Committee.

Article submission and acceptance

  1. Authors should submit an article manuscript three months prior to the date of issue they hope to publish in. The authors can submit to the Committee, through the Association websites submission section the following: manuscript files, publication application, researchers ethics pledge and copyright transfer agreement.
  2. Article manuscripts should be written in accordance with the instructions of Korean Psychological Association. The Association may refuse the review or the publication of articles that do not follow these instructions.
  3. Submitted articles shall not have research misconduct defined in Article 2 of [Research Integrity Review Operating Bylaws] of Korean Psychological Association. However, if an article published in conference or symposium proceedings is published in the Journal, it is not considered as dual-publication. In that case, the author must identify the source of the original article in the footnote.
  4. Manuscript should be written in Hangul document and 15-20 pages of manuscript are recommended.