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Greeting from the President

Welcome to Korean Psychological Association homepage !

Korean Psychological Association (KPA) has grown significantly over the past decades, leading scientific research in the field of psychology in Korea as well as allowing research outcomes to be applied to various practical settings. As we place the highest value on overall well-being, we believe that both basic research and practice are critical to attain this goal of promoting human wellness.

This year, we celebrate KPA&rsquos 72th anniversary since it&rsquos inception in 1946. KPA has grown steadily as our nation has gone through many changes and developments. Today, KPA has about 20,000 members and includes 15 divisions organized by members and interest groups (use provided links on our homepage to find out more information about these divisions). While these divisions operate independently, KPA brings their outcomes together to one place and plays a significant supporting role to help maintain and promote their activities. It is expected that more specialized divisions will develop and be established as our field further develops and diversifies. KPA and its subdivisions also pulish 15 different journals that contain top quality and frontier research and review papers. If you join us, you can browse and read these journals. KPA also publishes monthly online magazine to share news and changes in our field with members.

Futhermore, KPA closely works with other psychological associations across. Asian Pacific regions and will work towards further expanding our horizon and making contributions to building psychological knowledge.

As the elected president for 2018-2020, I am happy that I am given this opportunity to work for KPA. Our boards and committees will do our best to maintain and to further develop KPA for the 2018-2020 year. Detailed 2018-2020 missions and plans will become available in upcoming October issue of our online magazine.

Please visit our homepage and learn about most current reserch and practice in the field of Korean Psychology. The homepage will provide useful information about psychology as a major (how to prepare yourself to major in psychology) and related careers. We also wecome your suggestions, comments, and information you&rsquod like us to further provide. Please feel free to cotact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Most of all, we wish everyone happy moments, days, and life!

KPA President
Eun Jin Chang