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Founding Purpose

The purpose of the Korean Psychological Association (KPA) is to promote the development of psychology by providing members with a place to exchange academic information and cultivate friendship, and to contribute to public interest by playing the role of disseminating the professional knowledge and applied technology of psychology to the society. The specific ways to achieve the goal are as follows.

  1. Plan and implement measures for the development of psychology
  2. Publicize psychology and disseminate professional knowledge on psychology
  3. Assemble and distribute academic and research information concerning psychology, and to host academic conferences
  4. Develop and foster professional jobs related to psychology, and to support the activities of professional psychologists and protect their rights and interests
  5. Manage the professional qualifications of the members, and to establish, maintain, and improve the professional ethics of the members
  6. Exchange academic information with relevant internal and external associations and to seek cooperation projects
  7. Carry out other various activities to realize the associations purpose